Internet of things

STS Technologies renders internet of things development services, delivering custom apps that harness the power of connected devices to advance lifestyles and empower enterprises with next-generation IoT products.








Our backend solutions allow apps to keep track of and communicate with devices via industry- standard and custom protocols while enjoying end-to-end encryption throughout all points of connection.



The world is moving towards connected devices. By 2025 there will be billions of connected devices worldwide. It’s the right time that businesses start developing IoT solution of its own. We can provide hardware and software consulting towards building the connected world. We also help our clients partnering with a manufacturer to implement and mass produce their ideas.





Devices We build are connected systems that gather, store and analyze data originating from intelligent devices across your networks.We leverage beacons to deliver custom solutions that help enterprises create a context based on user location.RFID Tags We utilize RFID to deliver custom solutions that enable you to receive, store and transmit digital information in multiple frequencies. Sensors STSTECH puts sensor-driven data into the hands of decision-makers to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs.



Wearables STSTECH delivers high‑end wearable apps to help your customers quantify themselves and their surroundings. Healthcare devises Our IoT solutions supplement patient treatment through location tracking, remote monitoring, and communication. Connected Cars We deliver full-featured, flexible embedded intelligent car platforms and connected navigation solutions for in-and beyond the car. Smart Homes We increase smart home adoption through multitenant platforms empowered with sensory recognition.




We leverage third-party pre-configured platforms to accelerate IoT projects. Using open and flexible solutions, we connect a broad range of existing devices and gadgets or prototypes through these platforms and integrate them with your existing business systems to help you make the best use of the data and processes you already have, whilst keeping the TCO at bay.


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