SAP ERP Management Software

As a leader of your organization, you know the importance of quality support for your SAP software. STSTECH supports a wide range of SAP enterprise applications, from R/3 to ERP 6.0 and other SAP Business Suite 7 products. We also support the SAP Business Warehouse up to and including release 7.5.

As SAP shifts away from its core ERP applications to S/4HANA and its line of business cloud applications, SAP customers running stable and mature SAP Business Suite applications can continue to evolve and grow their current release and can shift funds previously budgeted for SAP maintenance to strategic innovations.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

With our experience in a wide variety of industries, we bring a unique perspective to every engagement.  Our industry unique SAP ACS Warranty Management Quick Scan methodology provides immediate business benefits to every customer.  

 We strive to make our engagement process low friction and transparent. You can start benefitting from our deep SAP expertise today by completing the initial consultation form on the right.

  • Product support services
  • Global tax, legal and regulatory services
  • Global security services
  • Risk avoidance services
  • Technology support services
  • Innovation and roadmap services
  • Account management services 

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